Lela Autio  Missoula Montana 
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Lela Autio's work has a presence that creates inspiration.  There is a magical phenomenon in the wide range of media and variety of scale in her work.

Though it is true that she was influenced by her exposure to the movements of the late '50s and early '60s, much like many artists beginning their careers in the middle of the 20th century, she developed a contemporary style that was her own.  The appeal of her work is in how she works with complexities of shape and color.  What makes her work notable is that it is really free from regional themes and dogma.

Her many vinyl and plastic pieces are evidence of how her early influences advanced to a mature organization of color and form.  These works absorb the viewer in a playful and imaginative aura that creates a feeling of joy.  And that is what her work really is about - sharing and joy these works illustrate using the power of color, material and form to give viewers great pleasure.

-- Dennis Kern, artist and independent curator
 Lela and "The Doll with the Painted Face"
Made in Bozeman 1974-75

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